Monday, June 6, 2016

Improve Workshop

Just over a week a go, I finally got to take a class with Cheryl Arkison. We booked her for 2 days and I took the 2nd day, Improve with Intent. The Black gold Quilt Patch had her booked last year but we were not getting many to sign up. This time we made sure other quilters in the area knew she was coming. 

This is some warm up blocks done on the first day. They just used up some scrapes. 

One of Cheryl's quilts.

At the start of class one of the other ladies had these bright piles of fabric. I love it!

Here is some of the sewing she did in class. I am keeping her idea secret. I hope to see her finished quilt soon. I just loved her idea too. 

What did I do? Well my dog what else. If there is one thing keeping me more busy then sewing it is my dog. 

Here is how much I got done in class. Next up is the ears, then maybe it will start to look like a dog. I am making a purple dog, as black is just so hard to work with. I also love colour so much why not. 

I have added this to Design Wall Monday

Here is one of the photos I have used. I took photos with and without the flash. I liked the flash shots as it showed me more highlights. 
I am not sure when I will get back to this project. It will be special. 


  1. Beautiful dog! I had one that looked almost I have a yellow one!

  2. Looks like great fun, Cathy -- and I love your choice of purple for your pooch!