Monday, February 13, 2017

Pizza Box Blocks

The Black Gold Quilt Patch has a pizza box exchange going around. This past month I did these 2 blocks. The owner of the pizza block asked us to use some of the yellow and black fabric together with black and white fabrics and little splash of colour. I added in my dog print fabric and a bit of dash hound fabric. She has a dash hound so I hope she likes the blocks I made. 

So I thought I would review what our guild did for the pizza block exchange. 
  • Each person has a book in the pizza box, where you write out what theme you would like your box to take. 
  • You also do at least one block for your box before you hand it out
  • You can also add some fabric to your box that you would like the other ladies to use in your blocks. ( we have no men so saying ladies is kind of ok)
  • This year the group is small so we ask that each person makes 2 blocks for each of the pizza boxes. 
  • Each month we pass them around. So each month I make 2 blocks. 
  • We have a list and an order, so I always get my boxes from the same person say Mrs F and I hand the ones I have done to the Mrs L. However, I think next time we will find there has been a little mess up on that. Oops.

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