Monday, July 12, 2021

Summer busy

What have I been doing. Well not a ton of sewing is getting done, maybe a little bit.
The knitting bag was in great need. I keep on knitting socks and wanted a cute bag with this fabric. Love the little horse zipper tag I fuzzy cut out. The yarn is my Purple Pansy yarn I dyed back in April.
The Purple Pansy Socks are now done and ready to show off. I am very happy with them. I think I have enough yarn left to do a short pair also.
Another knitting bag was made with my camper fabric. The yarn is some watermelon yarn I dyed in May. The socks are now started and being worked on. I have the first sock done and the second one is just ready to work the heal decrease and then the foot and toe. Soon to be done.
These short socks are now done too. I finished them as we drove home from camping in June. The yarns are also yarns that I dyed this spring.
Dyed yarn to show off what I might knit up this summer. A few are hand dyed yarns I bought from a local yarn dyer, Rose Hill Yarns. So far I just love to buy her stuff. I can pick it up just on the other side of Leduc.
My beast Dolly, she and I have been doing lots of agility training this summer. It has been hard to get in training in this hot weather. This is after a water break on evening.

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