Friday, January 21, 2011

Every Day Journal mid Jan

I made this flower pin many years ago. It is made with hand dyed fabric but it is very faded now. I do not wear it any more, it has been hanging on my design wall for a few years. I thought it needed a new home. I have been making most of my pages on water colour paper. I paint or spray, as in this one. I needed to write down some ideas for a new quilt project. So I got out a page in a few minutes I had journal-ed all about it. I really do not know yet how I will do it but I have some ideas down, or at least the questions I have about the project. I have a little bit of fabric attached to the top of the page. I know this quilt will get done in Hand Dyed fabric.

It is not the prettiest page but it did feel good to get these ideas out of my head and on to a page. I was nice to work on a coloured page. I normally write about my quilts in a white book and only a few pages get any colour. If I draw out the quilt with the blocks and colour the blocks I never seam to want to make the quilt. It is like the coloured drawing is done and it is finished so why do it again in fabric. So I rarely colour my quilt drawings. I would be no good at the computer aided quilt programs. The colour is were the magic is and I like to save that for the design wall.


  1. Creative expression of any kind is a wonderful thing. Love the pretty colors!

  2. Good idea to get it written down so that you don't forget what you want to do.