Friday, January 28, 2011

Not So Black and White

I made this quilt "Not So Black and White" quit a few years ago. I just got it hung back up on the wall. It travels with me a lot when I speak or teach.

This quilt was kind of a second one of it's kind. I first, made a baby quilt for my friend Jan and her new little girl Kate (now 9 yrs). I almost did not give her the quilt but did not have time to make a different one. So I made this one for me after. I made this one bigger and spent more time on the colour flow. This quilt is the better of the two.

I have sent this quilt to many quilt shows. It got a few prizes and recognition over the years. It was a part of the Focus on Fiber Association Art Show in 2002. It won 1st in the class it was in. Then they had it in a traveling show across Alberta for a year. The Alberta Foundation for the Arts Traveling Exhibition Program quarterly newsletter had the photo on their front cover. The Focus on Fiber Art Association used a photo for their brochure, front cover. It was a 3rd place ribbon winner at the Pacific Northwest Quiltfest in Seattle, WA in 2002.

A close up of the quilting.

Here at the front door, is were I hang the quilt. It looks good with the rug.

I show you this quilt because I am again working on a quilt for judging but can not show you yet. Not till it is hung in the show I hope to enter it in. Or I can show you if it does not made it in the competition.

I got my rug out too. I have had the good wool rug put away while the dog grew up. He is now 3 and is good to go outside and not the house but I really waited till I was sure. He did chew on one of the older rugs I had here.

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  1. I am in awe. This is stunningly beautiful.
    Love the rug, they go well together.