Friday, June 15, 2012

Edmonton Guild Wrap Up

Wednesday night was the Edmonton Guild Dinner. We had a raffle of some 40 Bead and Button creations. I was the lucky winner of two of the prizes. First was this beautiful Button and Bead ball. I was thrilled to win it. If I did not win one of these I was going to have to make one. I did not hear who made it. Thanks you maker. Maybe my friend Kathy knows.

It has three little charms hanging from it. I will have to find a good spot in my sewing room for it.

Now I will tell you, I took my camera but when I got there the battery was dead. I did not get any photos of the guild challenge. I had started a challenge quilt but did not get it done. I now can not find it in my sewing room. I'll show it someday in it's unfinished state.

This is the second prize I won. A pretty little button tree. Some for the buttons look very special. Again thank you maker.

We also finished up our block swap. I had done two blocks to exchange with the Napa Valley quilt guild. I got my blocks back. The top one is a photo transfer. We also got a guild pin. Our guild provided the Napa Valley ladies pins from us too.

The sea themed nine patch is my traditional block. Nice bright and cheery fabric. We had a little confusion with the exchange. Turns out we were to give them a Fat Quarter as well, but we did not know till a few days ago. I handed in two FQ but then I did not get any back. Thanks You Napa Valley Guild.

My friend Janet was not able to go last night and asked me to pick up her blocks. I will see her next week so I can give her the little pile of quilt things.  This cat on the grape wall is one of them and the balloon below is her second one. She got FQ's with her blocks. I sent FQ for her partners too.

We had a great night. Good food, good friends and good times. Only bad thing was my dead camera battery.

Saturday is UFO day or Quilt Till You Wilt day with the Leduc guild. I have to make some pot luck and pack for my sewing day. I am really looking forward to it all. But what project(s) to take?


  1. I love your button ball- I have a button wreath that a friend gave me a long time ago now- I love it - it sits on my shelf in my sewing room and always makes me smile..
    Have a great UFO day- I think I am going to try and do the same- at home- I have a quilt I want to get made fast... It needs borders applied and then to be quilted- twin sized...
    Who was the lucky winner of your beautiful bracelet - I am sure that they loved it - It was so gorgeous...
    Hope to post a new blog post too..

  2. The button balls are so cute and I like the button tree too. Great inspiration for quick and cute Christmas gifts!