Friday, June 29, 2012

Weeds more then Garden

I wanted to show off my Garden. See how large my Delphinium are. I think they are as tall as me now. Any day they will open up to a forest of blue and purple. The are so tall the weeds have no chance. I made today`s post in part because Kathy (Over at Kathy Quilt`s) and I were talking about her bunnies and the weeds. I said I was needing to weed before I took any photos. She said please make a post before you weed. Let the rest of of know you too have weeds. Well it is bad in some parts. Here you go Kathy. My other friend Kathy S will get a kick out of it too.

Here is my pond. Not bad looking but if you knew the foreground of grass is all weeds. It is not to have all that grass but only wood chips. I need to get my boys to help pull out the grass. It pulls out easy because of the wood chips. But it still has to be done.

This flower bed is the worst. It has many perennials in it and they are flowering but the grass weeds have taken over it very very badly.   I may have to totally dig it up and start over.

Out in the veggy garden I have some spinach ( and a few weeds). I have a fence around the veggy garden to keep my dog from eating it before we do. As a puppy he learned to dig carrots. He likes peas and I am sure he could make a mess in minutes. The fence helps keep the deer and bunnies away. My dad has trouble with rabbits and deer eating his garden ( no fence).

Some Butter Crunch Lettuce and more weeds. I have peas, beets, potatoes, and carrots too. The beans hardly germinated.   Not sure there will be many of them.


  1. we all have similar shots I am sure! That is some wonderful looking butter crunch lettuce...small wonder the bunnies and deer want in.

  2. Would love to see that mass of delphies when they flower! It will look amazing. I think we all have weeds but at the moment I have more roses to prune before I even worry about the weeds lol. I think I should just let the chooks out.

  3. Well, I don't feel so bad about all of my weeds now. Life is so busy and we are all so stretched to get all of the things we want to do done - never mind the stuff we don't want to do! I agree, your lettuce does look good.