Friday, March 3, 2017

Slab Quilt #2 top done

I am on a roll now.
 This is Finish # 5 for the 5th week in a row! Top is finished!
This is the 2nd slab quilt top I am doing. I might keep this quilt. it has 30 blocks and the larger size they were asking for was 24 blocks. I wanted one bigger quilt to keep. But then I have say keep I just might give it away to someone I know. I will have to think about that more. 

This quilt has some turquoise blocks in it that the 1st quilt did not, I love that turquoise Canadian maple leave fabric too. 

So here is another photo with my Sweet Lab Gemma in the photo. She comes with me to help. 

I tried to do outdoor photos today, not working. We have melting temps and wind from the south. Mud every where. Here is the fence shot, what a mess. I was risking wet mud there just under the quilt. So today's shot was taken in the barn and I used magnets to hold it to the metal wall. I will have to work on ideas for photos of quilted with batting photos. The magnets will not hold that much weight.  


  1. This quilt top looks wonderful!!!

  2. Beautiful! Love the bright colors.

  3. All your posts of slab blocks have motivated me to do some too!

  4. Another beauty- I am sure you will quilt it beautifully- perhaps when I get report cards done I will quilt- soon I hope..
    You are indeed on a roll.

  5. Hi Cathy, thanks so much for linking up at Quilting & Learning - What a Combo! I love your quilt. It's really nice with the different coloured blocks. That's a great idea. I also love your outside shot - isn't it typical for trying to shoot out of doors?

  6. What a roll! Lovely top that is bright and cheerful. A nice contrast to the scary, cold winter you're having.

  7. Very nice quilt Kathy. Fun and bright.