Sunday, May 7, 2017

Glorious Hexagons

I keep a few hand stitching projects on the go. I started doing some Hexagons from The New Hexagon book back in Nov 2015, after hearing Katja speak. I did lots last winter and not so many this year. But I keep working on a few. Here is the latest set of Hexagons. 

Block #25 Marjorie, one of my favorite blocks to do. With the 6 repeats, they spin. 

This block is #11 Susan. I love these ones, also with the 6 repeats. 

#7 Maureen. The more solid blue is one of my hand dyed fabrics. All the other fabrics are from the Kaffe Fassett Collection. 

# 8 Marena. The pencil fabric is fun for this block. 

Block #1 Marie, I love to fussy cut the flowers for this block. 

#23 Dawn, love to fuzzy cut the flowers in the center. 

I have added today's post to Kathy's Quilts and Slow Sunday Stitching.


  1. So fun... each block is unique to look at!
    Enjoy your hand stitching!

  2. I really like blocks 25 and 8. All of those fabrics are very pretty.

  3. Oh how I am in love with your EPP! And using Kaffe Fasset fabric as well, A match made in heaven!