Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Retreat Planning

Silly me! 
I have a quilt retreat in less then 2 weeks. I need to prepare. 
What to work on?
You can see I have fun at retreat. 
This photo of bunny ears is from the Leduc guild retreat in 2016. We are going to the same place again this year, Gull Lake Retreat Center. 

I started the fancy forest quilt at that retreat.  The quilt is done now. 
What to work on at this year's retreat?

So one new project I am thinking of taking, needs 3 or 3.5 meters of background fabric. I am thinking I might dye that. Not sure what colour? I have a dark Blue batik fabric but I think it might be too dark. Might try a dyed purple. I might need to do a test run first. So I will need to get started on that dying then. 

What else to pack? 
  1. Canada 150 blocks, take my reds. I am only about half done the blocks. This is a joint project with my mom. 
  2. Batik quilt with pink, blue and purple, I think most blocks are done but need to put to together and boarder needs to be pieced. Or do I make it bigger. that would need yardage packed. 
  3. Some bags or a wallet - I would need to take a second machine that is better for bags.
  4. KFC log cabin quilt, I have all blocks done so should be quick to sew top together. It is sorted and in a easy to pack box. 
  5. Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt from this past year. Need more work on blocks and side triangles then build the top. I would have to pack some yardage. 
  6. A Rainbow scrap quilt, I have one close but needs rows and the boarder finished. So quick to get the top done. This quilt has 12" and then a smaller 6" sampler in the middle. 
So there is the plan to pack.