Monday, October 15, 2012

Design Wall Monday Oct 15

I am back from retreat. Mom and I and my Aunt Arley had a great time and lots of patchwork got done. For at least on full day I worked on my Quilt a Long with Ellison Lane, Rainbow Log Cabins. We were to sort our scraps in a rainbow and use our 2" to 1 1/2" strips of scraps. If you know me, I have been doing the rainbow scrap thing all year long and loving it.

This week I will show you retreat photos and what I got done. This retreat started Thur afternoon and that is an extra day more than other retreats I have been to. An extra Day wow. Got lots done and I was ready to come home.

I was able to find a little kitty in pink to use as a block start. He makes me think of Pussy in the Corner block name.

Monday and I have added this post to Design Wall Monday with Judy at patchwork Times.

I found this little cat in a scrap bag from the garage sale table. Why not use a cat that is not the correct colour. There was this "cat " print in the bag too. Yes I bought someone else's scraps, what was I thinking.

The retreat had a garage sale table. We donated goods to the table and then pay what you want for items   you take. The donated money is given to the camp to pay for a kid or two to attend camp.

Today is my oldest's son's birthday, 15 years. I have just made Chocolate Cheese Cake for supper. He wants the Cheese Cake more than sponge cake.


  1. These blocks look really fun and bright

  2. That Rainbow log cabin is great! Happy Birthday to your son - I would go with the cheesecake too!

  3. Love the rainbow log cabin blocks! Sounds like a great retreat!