Thursday, October 25, 2012

Logs and Machine Repair

I have eight Yellow/Orange Log Cabin blocks done for Ellison Lane Quilt a long. I am thinking I might go back to do one more for each colour. I have Pink, Red, Blue, Purple and Green ones done already. I did eight of each colour (Nine red but lost one to the vacuum cleaner) I am thinking nine would make my quilt just a little longer and good for the living room. So this weekend I think I will dig out the coloured boxes of scrap and do one more of each colour. 

I had a little trouble this week with my Long arm. My up/down button went. It would not click anymore. I have been carrying  extra parts like this because I ordered parts from the US and it can take some time getting here.  I did not want to wait two weeks for parts let a lone overnight. I fixed it in about 3 minutes. Then just kept quilting.

So glad I know how to fix my machine. I have been asked "who" do I send my long arm to fix and have maintenance done. My answer is me. So far I have been able to fix everything. Resetting the timing takes a little longer than 3 minutes but I do it in less time then driving the machine in to any shop. Glad my old Gammill is still ticking along so well.

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  1. Well I'm impressed Cathy! Good job repairing your machine :*) Love your log cabin blocks - they will be gorgeous in all colors together!