Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Dog Exchnge

I signed up for dog agility Christmas gift exchange way back in Sept of this year. I got my victim preference page in early Oct. So I had close to 2
months to shop or make something for her and her dog. This is what I sent her, She just got her package on Monday. 

I ordered a custom leash with her dogs name on it. It came from 4 My Merles. I had a little help picking out the fuzzy one. It is a leash but some dogs will also tug a bit with a leash like this. 

The best custom gift was this little wall hanging. It is a 12 by 12 canvas photo of her dog and then I finished it like a quilt and put a hanging sleeve on the back. I also got a dog tag with this photo on it too. So she can carry Moses with her. 

This is the original photo of Moses I used. I took it off her Facebook page. Then I used Dream Scope App to make the photo more artsy. I think it was Clashing setting that I used. 

Here is the image the app made. I then uploaded this image to the Art Cow and ordered the 12 by 12 un-mounted canvas. The framed one would be nice but I did not want to pay for too much shipping. I still needed to ship it to my victim. 

I used this photo that Bev took this Sept for me. 

And I got a canvas of Gemma like this. I am not so sure of this one. It looks good far away. I have thought I could add it in to a wall quilt and add the works. Run like no one is watching. She is so silly. I will have to show you what I got from my other partner, another day. 

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