Monday, December 21, 2015

Dog Christmas Party

Last night was the Shape Up Christmas Party. Shape Up is the group of teachers mostly Justine Davenport and Jessica Patterson, I play agility with. It is a great group of people. I love every one of the lessons I take from the girls. Also I have so much fun with the students too. Can you tell I love this silly dog agility thing?

I needed a gift for the Christmas party. I made another Pot Warmer. This time in green and black. 

I few people wanted my gift. They did some of those games were you can seal a gift up to 3 times. 

I also included a few dog ginger bread in my package. Yes, in all my baking I have made cookies for the dogs. They are made with human food so we can eat then too. They are OK but not too sweet. 

Gemma resting her head on my husband's feet. She loves the foot stool but has now taken to stealing his chair every chance she can.  

I have also been working on the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. I am a few steps behind but hope to get more done this week. I have not taken new photos of what I do have done yet. 

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  1. Methinks your pooch takes the 'foot stool' thing literally! :-) Marry Christmas to you and yours (including the dog(s)) -- and a Happy New Year!