Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mini Felted Dog

A good start to my mini Gemma, still need eyes and a nose, maybe a toy in her month. 

On Saturday I spend the day making a little black Lab and pricked my fingers a few times. I got invited to a dog friend's house to make little felted animals. We made them by needle felting so I pricked my fingers a few times. Most of us worked on making our dogs. Many of the people were agility friends so we are mostly dog people.  

Next to me was a Grey Cat that got worked on. His ears were frozen so in real life he had small ears. 

I almost forgot the 2 ferret that were make.  

Some details being added to the face. 

One of the real dogs!

This was my Gemma, I used this photo and a few other to work on her shape. 

We had a very good day. Thank You Kathy for the fun and good food. 

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