Saturday, April 8, 2017

Multi Coloured Scraps

Multi Coloured  Scraps are the theme for this months Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017. I first thought is "that's not very rainbow" . But it is full of colour.  While I have lots of these scraps. I have been eyeing the Honey Comb pattern for some time. The link takes you to her Etsy store and you can buy the pattern too. Why not join me and make one too?

I have added today's post to Soscrappy, she hosts the RSC2017.

The blocks are sewn in rows, so for now I am just sewing the top and bottom units together. The day I do full lay out I can place the block units together again. 

Here is the string of multi coloured fabrics I found. I have many dark ones and not so many light ones. I think I will do some of the light ones next. I am sure I have more to find. I have not ever kept a box of multi coloured scraps so I have to go to the unsorted bins and boxes I have. Maybe cut some larger scraps. It took my for ever to do this. I have so many dot and wild stripe fabrics, Sometimes I would say that crazy dot fabric but then see a different crazy dot fabric. 

This weeks sewing altogether. Yes, still lots of Red.

3 red blocks for the honey comb quilt. Yes I did start a new quilt. Yes I am feeling a little guilty.

I also started more 6" blocks from Farm Girl Vintage. Yes that is a new start too. About 2 weeks ago I showed the strawberry blocks I did. Same book. I really wanted to do the Cherry block. Then to keep the multi coloured theme I did the Jam Jars. So cute!!!

I also finally got all my Red sampler blocks done. These are 6". I had to do a maple leave. Love it. 

Both my Quilt guilds are at Retreat. Sad I am not there. I was going to try and sew all weekend, but it has not happened. 


  1. LOVE those MULTICOLORED Honey Comb blocks!!! I haven't seen that pattern before (so thanks for the link.) What will you use for the fabric in between?

    1. I am planning to use the very light coloured fabrics, just like I did for the center.

  2. I love that you play and create beautiful things with your scraps.. such a lovely time you must have with them. It is unfortunate that you didn't get a chance to go on retreat- Hopefully next time.. Love those stripes and dots.. Even the wildest fabrics are fabulous in small bits- they add such pizz- zazz to a quilt.. Enjoy... Happy creating A

  3. These are very fun! Almost like LifeSavers!