Saturday, April 29, 2017

Multi Coloured Bits and Pieces

I have more blocks done again. Not sure how many blocks got done this week but it was a few more. If I do 2 more that might be enough, plus a boarder. Not sure yet. This layout gives you an idea of where it is going. I might also make some more of the lighter blocks. I am running out of Saturdays this month for the multi coloured scraps. 

Follow the link to find the pattern for  Honey Comb

Mostly dark multi colour scraps used in this block. 

There is a linky party over at Soscrappy for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017

This block has a little bit lighter multi coloured scraps. I just love some of those rainbow stripped fabrics. 

This weekend I am playing agility with my dog. We have a trial both days, so out the door at 6 AM. 


  1. Oh this is so neat --great way to use those bits and pieces--and I like the dark rings you're making--donuts I mean..(YUMMY! hah!)
    hugs Julierose

  2. This a really cool pattern - thanks for the link. What color are your sashing triangles going to be? Fun post!!

  3. Good luck at the trials. Your multicolored blocks are glorious!

  4. I am looking forward to seeing this one finished!!