Monday, April 24, 2017

Slab Wall Monday

Today on my Design Wall is a good bunch of Slab blocks. The slab block is from Cheryl Arkison's book Sunday Morning Quilts. I am making them for Charity quilts but changed the size to 12 1/2" and added a Canadian fabric to each block. I wrote more about it on Friday's post. I even have one quilt finished with these kind of blocks. So far I have made 109 blocks and hope to have 3 quilts to give away. I will also be handing in some of my extra blocks. 

Little orange pumpkin tea pot. Can you see the 2 Canadian fabrics? 

This yellow block has a cooking piggy. 

I have added today's post to Design Wall Monday over at Judy's blog and Monday Making

Today's post is post #700. I would have never thought I would write 700 little notes about my quilting and  a few things about the rest of my life. I just do not consider myself a writer, but maybe I should call myself a writer after 700. 


  1. I love all these slab blocks... great use of scraps!

  2. Beautiful blocks--love that teapot hugs, Julierose

  3. Pretty mix of prints! Congrats on 700 posts--they do add up!

  4. Wonderful! Thrilled you are having fun making these and contributing to such a beautiful cause.