Thursday, October 22, 2009

Harry Potter Charms

I have made more charms for a swap on Two Peas in a Bucket. This time it is the books or movies from Harry Potter. I have the Sorting Hat done here in Fimo Clay. I did not get all the wrinkles in the hat but I was pleased with the face and he way the jump-ring attached. My kids were quick to tell me that Sorting Hat was more gray than brown. This is artist free will and I changed it to more of a brown with sparkle in it. I had real trouble getting a photo to show the face so I placed them in full sunlight.
The second charm set I made is Dobby Socks. I did not watch all of the movie to get the colours just so. But I saw clip were Harry gives Dobby a gray or black sock. I think he gives him another one but it did not match. So here is the mismatched socks. My Son Adam often wears two socks that do not match. He has gray and black ones so his pairs of socks look just like this. If I did not get the sock colour correct it was because I was thinking of Adams mismatches.

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