Thursday, November 26, 2009

Margie's Library Project

I was asked June of last year to be apart of a Public Library Art Project. My friend and fellow quilter Margie Davidson headed up the project and is the artist. I was asked to do the machine quilting on the quilts. Margie has hand painted fabric and done some machine applique, as well the text, hand written. Oh yes then there are parts with block printing from hand carved blocks. The blocks all had meaning related to the text. Margie has used Sun printing for the leaves using Seta colour and leaves from her yard. I think I have all the different type of techniques listed now. The text is about the people who have immigrated to Edmonton and Alberta from other parts of the world. It was hard not to stop quilting and just read them all.
I have done many different quilting patterns on this project. I asked Margie if I could post some photos. We desided that I should only post close up till the whole project has been released to the public for viewing. So, here are some photos. I think I will get some others to post after all the unveiling has taken place. There are three different Public Library locations in Edmonton were they will hang for a few months and then in 2010 all three parts will be displayed together at the main Branch of the Edmonton Public Library - Stanley A. Milner, downtown.
I had to quilt the vein lines on all the leaves. I was a little worried how long these would take and if a could do it well enough. Margie and I were pleased with the results. These ones are the elm. Up top is the Silver Maple leaves, I liked them best. Closer to a sugar maple and I had a Silver Maple in a past yard. I really enjoy working on this project. Margie's style and colour chooses are so similar to mine. Thank you Margie for asking me to be apart of this great project.

Please look for the final photos of this project in the new year. Or came to Edmonton and see them in person next year. Then you can read the stories.

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