Monday, January 25, 2010

Winter Trail Ride

I did not get this posted very quickly, it was taken just the weekend before Christmas. The weather was warm and it was snowing with no wind. The world seemed so claim and quiet with the snow falling. My son is on the left on his horse Honey, then me in the middle and my dad to the right. My husband took the photo so is not in it. I love the snow on our heads. We really did get a bit wet that day. We have had a good amount of snow and lots of drifting. We had to push the horses though some snow that was up to their bellies in places. It was so much fun. The horses enjoyed getting out of the smaller winter corals.
Here is my husband and my son. See how much snow has fallen on us. This is a path though the thicker evergreens. What a beautiful little path.

My husband and I have been out riding a few more times this winter.


  1. I am very envious! I would LOVE to get on a horse and ride some day. Some day. :)

  2. Love these pictures. Looks like fun I have never ridden a horse before.