Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wool Felted Journal and Roving

I have signed up for a wool felting class. It is at Quilter's Dream (Edmonton,AB) with Darlene Bayley. Above is some of the Merino Wool I have been dying this past month. I love the colours. I plan to take some to the Market mall at Quilt Canada Calgary, AB to sell.
Here is my Journal cover. I started one in class but had some troubles. This is the second one. I needle felted the wool in place using my clover needles and brush pad. The pink wool is one I dyed and the browns are alpaca wool. There is a little silk mixed in some of the natural wool. After needle felting all the parts into place, I did some wet felting. It does look better after some wet felting (more wool crinkles). The buttons are vintage. The journal inside is the log book of the wool roving I am dying.

Tonight I am at another felting class. Darlene has a wool clutch purse done as a sample with some felting on the opening flap. I need to pick out my colours.

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