Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blackfoot Trail Riding

Honey checking out Adam putting his lunch away.

 This past week the family and our horses got to go for a day long trail ride. We loaded the horses and drove to the Blackfoot Grazing reserve. We try to make it out there at least once a year.

 My horse Jester is wanting his share of the root beer. He has to check it all out.

 Wyatt was riding Scotty this trip and Scotty thought he would like more than grass for lunch, but it is gone. Scotty likes to steal the apples, bag and all.

 Faces looking out. Jester, Socks, Scotty and Honey at the end.

Here is Brad and his horse Socks. We got him last fall and he is working out great.

No photos of me yet. I have to get Brad's camera and down load the photos. Also take note all our photos were not when we were riding. I just find there is to much riding to have my camera out.

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