Friday, January 18, 2013

Finished Fabric Friday

I got my snow dyed fabric washed out and photos taken. I had nine 1 meter pieces of fabric but really did not like one. It still needs washing out. Here are the eight finished ones. 

I have used Kona PFD fabric to dye these days.

I swirled this one in the snow before adding snow on top or dye.

 Not crazy about the one above, may over dye it or just chop it up.

I have added this post to Crazy Mom Quilts,  and Richard's Linky #50's and Confessions of a Fabric Addict

I love this blue one.

I have a very busy weekend full of dog related actives. Tonight I have an Agility workshop with an out of town teacher, Saturday is the last day of Agility fun league and then I may go to Dock Dogs at the Pet Expo. Not sure if I will enter Lex or just go and watch. My dog habit is costing me so much money I am having to buy less fabric.


  1. Strange, I loved the one you didn't like. I guess that is why cars come in different colors these days.

  2. I had a snow dye day this month also. I just love the way the fabric turns into art with the snow dye method. Beatiful fabric!

  3. Fabric dying looks like a lot of fun! I like them all:)

  4. Beautiful fabric, Cathy!! If we ever get snow, I may have to give this a try! Whoop whoop!!