Monday, April 8, 2013

Design Wall Monday April 6th

I found my sitting dog pattern. I designed this paper piece pattern many years ago and wanted to remake the dog. I am planning a binder cover for my dog journal. Lex is a Brown Chesapeake Bay Retriever. I have been busy with the a one line dog training course and they tell us we should journal every day about our work with the dog. I want a fancy cover for my binder.

On the right is an old block that is needed in a UFO quilt. I have the old UFO quilt mostly designed but not sewn together. I did not want to just steel the block. Now the new dog will face the opening of the binder.

Judy over at Patchwork Times hosts Design Wall Monday. I have added today's post to her linky party.

I have also been working on my Easy Street blocks. But I quickly ran out of the four patches. I changed them from grey to pink and I thought I had made enough ( the stack of square looked big enough) well I needed 68 more. I just did not make enough. Also had to cut more lime green squares. I must of only made half the number of required units on some steps. What was I thinking. I hope that is all I am short of.


  1. Love your dog! And love that you are making a lime green, pink, and black & white quilt? One of my favorite combos is pink, yellow and lime green.

  2. Such a cute doggie block--my Aunt had a Chesapeake Bay Ret. in California who used to dive off a bridge and go swimming- (the dog--not my Aunt LOL)-his name was Joe and he was a sweetheart!! Anyhoo---I just really like that block...Julierose

  3. Cute doggie! Now if you could refer me to one for cat-lovers... ;-)

  4. Love your doggie block. Bummer on running out.... maybe you can add some more fabric in lime?