Saturday, June 29, 2013

Last Saturday of Yellow Happyness

I have two large blocks done that measure 15 1/2" each. 

I have added today's post to Soscrappy's Linky Party

I had a little drawing of improve sunflowers, I did some time back. I thought it was time to try a few. The larger block measures 14" or so. They are kind of cool. I lost one little triangle, the dog eat it off the floor. I had better watch those scraps better.

7 Poverty Piecing 6" square done this week. I am getting a good stack of these blocks. I am only missing the blue ones so far. 

Jack in the box blocks. I got three yellow ones and was short a green one so I did it last night. I still am behind and need to make blue ones. 

Coins strips. I got the yellow done last night also. I am behind in all other colours this year. I have some pink and blue set a side but not sewn yet. Maybe later next month I will get to them. 

Here is the design wall with all this weeks Yellows. I got 15 more spools done this week. 

I have done some preparation work for Yellow Hexies but I do not have one flower sewn yet. This is half the work for hexies. 


  1. Your have a great collection of yellow projects.
    Very impressive!

  2. Oh my Cathy, so much yellow happiness happening here. Dog eating the triangle made me laugh.

  3. You always have so many neat ideas! They are all inspiring, but the improv sunflowers are my favorite!

  4. I am SO impressed with all your yellow blocks. What a fabulous collection of different techniques.

  5. Oh that's so funny, Cathy: I've heard the "dog ate my homework" a lot before, but never "the dog ate my triangle" (ROTFLOL)!! My visiting granddog, Libby (or the "Liebster") likes to come into my sewing room and grab scraps off the floor--so I can bet that your dog really did eat that piece! Hah Julierose P.S. Hoping that my new computer comes soon...

  6. I always enjoy looking at your scrappy fun, Cathy. You have such great ideas. It's going to be so much fun watching you put all this together in December :D