Wednesday, December 4, 2013

No Wining

So I have been working on my Celtic Solstice Mystery quilt step 1. It is a Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt. You can find out about it on Quiltville
This photo is from Saturday night. I sewed and was having a few drinks as I sewed. Well it did not go all well. I spilt my Wine. I kind of made a bit of a mess. I reached for my pins and the taller wine glass fell over. It was White, so I just ironed it dry. 

I got my Easy Street Quilt top done. This was last years Bonnie Hunter Mystery from last year. I got the top done before I started the next one. 
Do you see the one patch I have to fix?

I hope to get it quilted early in the New Year. I am a little busy doing customers Quilts right now. 

Here are my Celtic Solstice Mystery patches. So far so good. I am using the black as my Neutral, Blue were Bonnie said Blue and Pink batik were Bonnie has Orange. I just love some of these Batiks. So bright and clear. 
Oh Yes, Bonnie has a linky page, to see more Go Here. Others mystery quilters have shown off their work. 


  1. I think your Celtic Quilt will exude memories of! I really .ike your colors--especially that bright pink with the blacks and blues....nice hugs, Julierose

  2. Your CS is going to be striking, Cathy! I'm on the sidelines looking on this year; couldn't face using templates...

  3. I'm really busy doing customer quilts right now, too. Between those, and my own Christmas gift making, there aren't a whole lots of hours left in the day for playing at my sewing machine. Your blocks look great, I really like the blue with the pink and white polka dots. And your Easy Street is fabulous. I really had to look hard for the one that was turned. Shouldn't take you too long to fix.

  4. Looks great Cathy, striking as always. Will ES be quilted in time for a January Show and Tell? Must get my own borders on...

  5. I don't see where your Bonnie quilt needs fixing. It looks great!
    Love your Celtic blocks, too! Paper piecing - right up my alley...

  6. Greetings from BC. Your Easy Street is beautiful and colors are yummy. No whining about the wine mishap eh! Perhaps a coffee mug can replace the tall glass LOL, (just teasing)
    Bev H

  7. Love your colors so far Cathy, I think it will be great. Mine will wait til I get home so it is fun looking at everyone else's. I will have to fight the urge to make 2 as I am loving the brights and batiks but I think my fall colors will be great.

  8. Love Easty Street and your colors for this one...I will enjoy watching it evolve.