Monday, September 22, 2014

Design Wall Monday Sept 22

I did a couple of block exchanges using Kaffe Fasset collection this year. I finally got them up on the wall. This was one of the groups. Each person send a block to everyone and I sent them a block. I have 4 blocks I did in here. I am not sure if this is how I will sew then or not. Some blocks read like one fabric and have very little contrast in it. I not sure what to do. 

Fall today, so it is time for a summer wrap up, stuff I forgot to post. 

These Jars are canned and dying my fabric. My Surface Design Group got together earlier in Sept and did the canning over an outdoor fire. We gathered many different natural weeds and plants around our homes so that we could try natural dying. The top right is my flowers. The other red one is Chockcherries. We also used golden rod, tansy (a yellow weed brought to american for dying), wild sage,  and some kind of nut thing (forgot the name) on the far left. We added metals also. most of mine have iron- rusty nails, or brass/copper from shell casings. All of my jars sealed, so I can leave then to brew for a few months. I may even leave them till spring. I have some cotton and some wool fabric in each jar. Hope it works. Sure was fun to plan and gather all the plants. 

My new pots. Last winter my husband ran over my two big pots and this spring he bought me 3 new pots. I kept forgetting to take a photo. So this is earlier in Sept when we got snow on the ground. I was using the agility jump standards to help protect the plants when I put a blanket over the flowers. To bad I did not get a better photo when they were looking so nice. 

Gemma and I on our summer holiday last month. 

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  1. What a neat idea for dying your fabrics. I can't wait to see how they come out when you decide to open them.

  2. Kaffe fabrics are always lovely. You will have a wonderful sampler when its done.
    I am intrigued by the canned fabric. Will be interesting to see the finished fabrics.