Thursday, April 21, 2016

Scrap Tiles

I had this quilt finished some time ago but never got a good photo of it totally done. Well Yesterday the wind was not blowing 6o km/hr so it was a little easier to take some outdoor photos. 

This quilt was mostly sewn with my leftover bits and pieces. I like to call this method Poverty Piecing.  I had a shoe box with partly sewn triangles, strips and some four patches. It has 3 or 4 years worth of past quilt leftovers. I had one quilt that asked for grey and white four patches, But I hated the grey and white in that other quilt. So I picked out the four patches and replaced the grey with Hot Pink. I love the change in the other quilt. I used the grey four patches here and I love how they turned out. 

Here is my detail shot. You can see there is all kinds of cotton fabric, bright plaids, strips, batiks, crazy prints like the oranges, and  few hand dyed fabrics. I did an all over large stipple quilting. A nice even stitch. 

Today I am finishing up the quilting on a customers quilt and thinking about my packing for Retreat. Mom and I have the Leduc Guild Retreat this weekend. So much fun! I have one new project I am taking to start. Then my Allietare Mystery from Bonnie Hunter. I have not worked on that for a few months and I would like to get a big chunk of that done. 


  1. LOVE this quilt! Makes me want to play with my scraps... the gray 4 patches are a great frame for the bright scraps.

  2. That is great Cathy, I have a box of scrap triangles, hst's, four patches and I love how the grey and white 4 patches pull it all together. Have fun at the retreat, maybe will get to see you for a few minutes before your mom and I head off to Michigan.

  3. Wonderful idea for using leftovers and I like the sashing separating the blocks.