Saturday, January 13, 2018

Blue Scraps on Saturday

I am playing a long with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2018 again this year. I have been working on my boxes of scraps for years now. This month is week 2 of the new year and month. We were told to use up some of our light blue scraps this month. I did not listen real good and started with the super dark blues to make the 3 bottom blocks. Then I moved on to the light bits. 

Some of the pale blues bits. My crumb blocks or poverty piecing blocks are 6 1/2" square. I got a total of 12 done this week. I then looked in my drawer of blocks and I had 20 blue/turquoise blocks already done so now I have 32 blue blocks. I might be making more then one quilt with crumb blocks.  

I have added this post to the link at Soscrappy
Check it out, it is never to late to work on your scraps. 

Also this week, not related to Rainbow Scrap Challenge, I got this block finished. I had these hexagons kind of left over and thought I would make a block 12". I sent some flower blocks off in a new pizza box exchange and used these colours Lime for the background. When I get a chance I will add it in my pizza box. We are doing the pizza box exchange again this year at the Leduc quilt guild. 


  1. Crumb blocks in BLUE... glad you are back for another year of scrappy RSC fun!!

  2. Beautiful crumbs. Poverty blocks is an interesting name for them. Hope they help make a dent in the bins.

  3. Those blocks are great! I love the color gradation...that technique is on my bucket list, just how is still a vague idea! And I too did not listen well to the instructions. I read blue and glazed over the rest, assuming it was the "not turquoise" schpeel. No matter, I only have one slot for blue in the project I've chosen, so the next time Angela calls blue, I have a catch up month!

  4. Beautiful blocks! I love this technique, much more my way to have wonky scraps!

  5. Your blue crumbs blocks look great. It's funny how the pile of scraps never goes away....