Saturday, May 19, 2018

Pink Scraps

All kinds of pink was used up this week. I got a good hold on all those pink bits of fabric. 
I love to see the design wall full of one colour of blocks. 

I got three 7" sampler blocks done. I still plan to do the 10" blocks too. I had them laid out ready to sew and they fell on the floor. Maybe next week I can get them done. 

All the 7" sampler blocks together. Again I love seeing so much up on the wall. I did not do small light blue blocks. I might have to fix that but I think I will just wait and see. 

Migrating geese. 

So many pinks. It is a good exercise to work on the shading of one colour. 

Next up was getting some pin wheel blocks done. I have no idea how I will use these, but they are getting done. 

I have more to do next week. Here is the ironing board ready to keep using up the pink scraps. 

Also got up early and watch another Royal Wedding, I think it must be at least #5 I got up to watch early. My grand mother and I got up together to watch Princess Diana and Charles.  


  1. That is a lot of pretty pink! I love the Geese Migration blocks! They do look like a great challenge for figuring out gradients of color.

  2. Wow, Kathy! Those Geese Migration blocks are the best examples of progressive shading I’ve seen! Truly beautiful! You must have a great variety in your Scrap stash. Like you, I love seeing lots of progress on the board with a given color. Thanks for all the yummy eye candy!

  3. Wow, what a super collection of pink blocks. All gorgeous but the Geese Migration blocks are stunning.

  4. Beautiful potpourri of pinks. I particularly love the flying geese combined with the other blocks.

  5. Pretty blocks, I love all of them! Beautiful pink fabrics too

  6. That quite a lot of PINK!! Those blocks look great added into your RSC18 Squared Away Sampler.

  7. All the geese migration blocks and the Squared away are beautiful. Love your pinks and for sure you will find a place for those pinwheel blocks.