Saturday, November 5, 2016

3rd Day of Dyeing Workshop

I have more photos of some of the fabric I dyed in the workshop. We did more dyeing like it was paint. Many of the fabrics are small pieces like 10 by 12 or so. I did some dye on dry fabric like the Gemma fabric, then some wet fabric like the one above Gemma, you can see the dye ran into each other so much more. 

I love this little sky with lightening. I let it dry on plastic so there are also bubbles. 

Lighter sky and no bubbles.

This is more like a fat quarter size of fabric. A good swishy fabric.

Swishy on a fat 1/4

Swishy on a fat 1/4 and not too much moving it around. I love pink and green together. 

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