Monday, November 7, 2016

Tray Dyed Fabrics

Part of the dyeing class I took had us do a few pieces of fabric in a tray. I have done some of this before. First I did the green fabrics on top. I ripped my 60" fabric into 11" wide strips. Why 11" it was the size of my tray. I folded the fabric like a loose accordion fold.  I did these two pieces. The first time I did it there was more yellow and some white areas that I did not like. So I did it all over again, knowing I would get parts even deeper. Love them, But I am not sure how I will use them now. 

I also did this 1 m piece in a tray. I pre-soaked the fabric in the soda ash solution, so it was wet. I then laid it over the tray and pinched the middle and gave it a spin. I tried to get all the outer edges to spin in to the tray, I think I had to help some corners in to the tray. I then poured the dye over the fabric in a cross like pattern. Let it sit and got the spiral. 

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