Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Shibori Dyed Fabric

After the 3 day class on dyeing cotton fabric, I also took the class on Shibori dyeing fabric, so 4th day. I was using cotton again but some people in the class were using wool for rug hooking. We had to bring our own dyes and all kinds of crazy bits to help with the shibouri. 

We I have done some of this before and I just love pole wrapping. When the teacher was not watching me I would wrap another piece of fabric on a pole and dye it. This was a 1/2 m dyed twice and folded like a fat quarter and then rolled. 

Blue water fabric, dyed twice

Darker blue water, dyed twice. 

This one has been dyed a few times (3 I think) and it was wrapped on a large nylon rope. The folds are smaller then the folds on the pole wrapped fabrics. 

Pole wrapped with shades of green. This has been dyed twice. 

These were also done twice and in the same dye bath both times, Yet they are a little different. Must have been how they were wrapped and the one on the right has more of the middle got some extra dye on it. 

I had to sometimes finish these at home at have the time to get the second dye bath done. So not all done in class time. All of these are fat quarter sized fabric. I just do not get dye to the inside of the fabric roll if I go bigger. 

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