Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mystery Quilts

Well here is last year's Alletaire Mystery from Bonnie Hunter. I made a big change in the fabrics as I was not a fan of red and gold. I have been working on my blocks and rows for the past 3 weeks. This is how for I have gotten as of today. I plan to sew some more today and get the top closer to being finished. 

My Alletaire mystery is all batik or hand dyed but I do not have enough of any of the batiks or hand dyes to use as a boarder. I have 3 yds of this Kaffe print and all the colour are there. What do you think? I am unsure about the green inner boarder, Bonnie was using the gold. I used green in place of her gold, so if I follow along it should be green. I could go scrappy green or this hand dyed green. 

What about this periwinkle batik fabric as the inner boarder ?

So to keep sewing I am up stairs in the living room and have to use the sofa to lay out my rows. I have a few rows to iron and 2 ends to fix. then rows can start to go together. 

Next Friday in the release of step 1 to Bonnie's next Mystery En-Provence. I have picked out my fabrics. I am going to use just my Kaffe Fassett collection. I only had to buy a little more of the light fabrics. I had everything else in my stash. Not sure what that says about me and my stash? Maybe it is too big. Or Good for me for using only my stash. 


  1. That border fabric looks perfect for your quilts. It's going to be beautiful!

  2. I like your Allettiare colors. I vote for the green inner border. Looking forward to the next Bonnie Mystery.

  3. Lucky you had your stash ready and waiting. Enjoy the Mystery Quilt

  4. I like the border fabric you picked out and its a toss up on the inner border...
    Your fabric stash just says you have close taste to Bonnies stash and her quilts are always lovely.