Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dyed Again

The dying workshop in Oct got me to dig out the dyes again. I had not done any the past year. So some of this was done after the class and the T shirt was done in class. 

The T shirt was snow dye. Yes we had snow in the middle of Oct. I was wanting some pastel colours and I am pleased with what I got. It took me a few weeks to get the photo because it was in the wash. 

This one is pole wrapped. It had been done twice but still had so much white. I dyed it again so a 3rd time. Love how it is now. 

Pole wrapped twice dyed

This one was folded in half and then dyed on a rope. I wish the dark part was on the outer edges and more broken up. Might have to try again.

Pole wrapped dyed twice.

I used little rocks and veggie elastics to make the rings. I am not sure I like this one. I might over dye it again.  

Pole wrapped twice dyed

Pole wrapped twice or 3 times dyed. 

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