Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas Gifts

I can show you the tuffets I made. The Red one was made for my mom, Betty. When I was starting I asked my dad to make some feet for me. He has his wood shop in my yard these days. I think turning is a favorite for him to do. So yes these feet are made by him. Mom has a carpet with the dark red but very little red in her house. so now a big splash of red on her tuffet.  

Mom was pleased with her gift. 

The Blue one I made for my mother in law. She has blue and brown in her house. I thought dark blue would wear better then light blue. I pulled her name for Christmas this year. I think she was surprised to get it.  All the fabrics are Kaffe Fassett. 

The feet on this tuffet are the store bought ones I got for myself. I now have a set dad made for me. 

I made one more for a gift. The photos are on my phone. It will have to wait and be another blog post another day. I also want to make one for myself. Maybe later in the week. 

I also must say a big thank you to dad! He helped me for days and days. We worked on getting the batting and the fabric all stapled in place. I gave him a button to help me with , opps, he took the pliers and a screw driver to it. I had to buy another button to cover. He was a big help and just a few days before Christmas. 


  1. They are beautiful Cathy- It would be hard to pick which one I like better as both are rich colors. How fun that you and your dad worked on a project together. It will be another reason I am sure that your mom will treasure it even more.. Another fabulous project completed by you.