Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas Quilt Started

1) Nutcracker Ballet fabric, 2) black labs on blue 3) three colours of labs with Christmas on pink
I found a sale on Spoonflower fabric just before Christmas. They had 2 for the price of one Fat Quarters. Spoonflower has so many pretty fabrics and I liked so many of the dog themed fabrics. I had to order some of the fabric. I ordered 10 FQ and here are 3 of the Christmas prints. They were not in my hands till after Christmas but that is OK. I just started my Christmas quilt in early December and have many more blocks to make. 

The Christmas quilt was started when I won the blue penguin fabric from the Leduc guild Christmas party. I just loved it. I also bought more turquoise and the red print, just a sample of what I bought.  

9 patches, this is 3 rows of 3 nine patches. 

So for my Christmas I am making postage stamps blocks. Yes small 2 inch cut squares. I love some squares. I raider all my Christmas fabric and cut a few hundred 2" squares. I also went looking in my stash of 2" water colour square. I found lots in the water colour squares. I used many reds that are not real Christmas but I wanted lots of red so I am using them. 

My first block. It is 9 squares by 9 squares. So the size is 13 1/2".

This one was a little better to sew. I got bit of a system going now. I make rows of 3 squares. Some light dark light L/D/L and some that are D/L/D. Then I make nine patches. Half the nine patches start with light in the top corner and half are dark in the top corner. Then I make three rows of 3 nine patches. 

Planning the sashing too. I really hope I can have this quilt done for this fall. The Leduc Guild is having a quilt show this fall and I would like this to be in the show. 

I bought the backing fabric this past weekend. It was 40% off plus I finished the bolt so got another 5% off. The little foxes are so cute. I will also put a few little foxes on the front in the squares. 

After Christmas my family often does an order from Amazon. We order the stuff we did not get for Christmas. One year we all got cards so the trend started. The order arrived yesterday, I got the New Hexagon Calendar and the colouring book. I am still working on my Glorious Hexagons. Also more power cords and plugs for my phone.  

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