Friday, January 20, 2017

Tuffet Gift

I thought I had lost these photos. Look I found them. Here is the third and last tuffet I made for Christmas. 

I used all black and white fabric and made sure they have mostly black. Two of the fabrics are batik. I got this one done just in time. It would not have be possible if not for the help of my dear Dad.  

I have added this post to Crazy Mom Quilts and the Finish up Friday link. 

I lost a few photos over the holidays. So sorry they are so old but I just have to show you. Here is part of the yard. We had heavy frost and then clean sunny weather, the world was covered in sparkles and glitter. 

Next is the Christmas tree. It was extra special this year. We cut one of the trees we grew. Back in 2002 we planted a few hundred blue spruce trees in our lower field. This year has been the first time we cut our own tree. I loved this tree. I hope we can take a few more over the years. 


  1. What a cute tuffet,I like your black and white fabrics. I just finished one last weekend and love looking at it. TFS.

  2. Love the tuffet! Is this something you made off the top of your head or is there a tutorial somewhere? I agree, home grown Christmas trees are the best.