Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trail Ride in the Rockies part 1

Here is me and my Dad on our horses. I just got back from a week of riding in the mountains. This trail is the Canary river trail. We rode around the back side of this mountain up to Paradise Valley.
Here is Lunch stop at the east end of Paradise Valley. We are just in a ways from the look out of the South Ram River. The view there looks out towards Banff National Park. This is my horse Jester, he is a Paint gelding with a Thoroughbred mother.
My riding partners on this trip were Jim on the left then his daughter Jessica. Next is Toby and Tim, with my dad in the back. Tim and Toby just happen to be ride the same week and I know Tim's mother very well - Marge a Quilting buddy. This is our third day, we rode up the Hummingbird creek and back down for about four or five hours.
Here is Toby, Tim, Jester and Me. This is the morning I was leaving. My dad and Jim and my uncle will be staying to ride for a few more days.
My husband and kids came on this trip to camp and hike. I will have to show some photos of them in a day or two.

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