Monday, November 28, 2011

Orca Bay Step Two Done

 I got my Orca Bay Mystery Step Two Done. It took me three days (evenings really) to do it all. Wow what a step. I did most of the squares with Bonnie's paper method. I had to try the strip piece method and then cut them out too. I did about 30 that way. The blocks are not as cute. The individually done paper blocks used the very small pieces and have more personality. Bonnie is doing the linky thing again Here. I will not get step three done by the following Monday as next weekend is a Dog Agility trial. I will be dogging it all next weekend.

 I started by sorting my scraps out. I got out brown as it was Brown this month for Soscrappy Saturday. I need the blue for step two. I am guessing I will need the pink (for my Red) in the OB Mystery.

 My phone book pages were from a 2003/2004 book. I laughed at cutting up Alder Flats, Bashaw and Beaumont. Many more pages for the next step.

 Scraps every were. Note the keep me going food, a coke and chocolate.

 I did this block on the weekend as I said it was brown month for Soscarppy Saturday. I just love This Quilt . I need to make it. I am 10 months behind on starting the Saturday scrap thing but oh well. I got November done. Most of the triangles in the middle are from the end of joining up binding, so really scrappy. I do not toss the cute little triangles out.  I will also plan to link this with Design Wall Monday at Judy's

Here are the blue scraps when I got done. I found many more 2" strips after I got started and I cut some more one night when I have getting to the end and I think I went over board. The next morning I looked at what I had cut and thought Oh No, I cut way too many. I hope I can use more in another step.


  1. Your blue string blocks look great. You sure did cut a lot! The brown block you made for the RSC is wonderful - love it!

  2. Don't think of it as 10 months behind for last year. Think of it as 2 months ahead for next year. Love your string blocks. It is a fun way to use up all the little bits and pieces. Looks like you are all set for the next step. Have fun with the doggies.

  3. well done Cathy. You did have a busy weekend. Good luck with your upcoming Dog Days.

  4. You did well to get all that sewing done so quickly. I like your colours.

  5. I love your colors, your blocks, and the cute little quilt.