Thursday, February 23, 2012

Book Class Preparation

I am teaching a new class on Saturday on Fabric Books for the Edmonton and District Quilters Guild . I called my class Story Telling Fabric Books. I have my finished sample on the right there. I was very careful to make the end of all my pages a folded end so the back of the book looked good. For the class I am going to show the ladies how they can hind the end of there pages if they want to. The two book binding with no pages on the left are samples ready for class. I have a tag on my samples to tell me what I did, then I know what I did and a student can repeat it.

I have a kit for the class and I now have them all packaged up ready to go to class. My dad cut and finished the wood for me last month and then I had to get Chicago screws for the posts.  I had planned to get some from the local scrapbook store but we found out the ones I had used in my sample were discontinued recently. I had to order from somewhere else at the last minute and panicked they would not get here in time and hoped that what I was ordering would work. I lucked out. They got here and they work just right. I now have two sizes of screws so the books can be thick or thinner with a different number of pages. A good friend's husband was good enough to track they down for me. I did not know the posts I was buying were called Chicago screws. The scrapbook posts were simple called Album Posts.

Now back to my class notes and get those proof read again before I print. You may have noticed I sometimes rush my typing and do not get all my spelling or grammar errors corrected just right. Sorry about that. I found writing very hard in school and just writing a blog is a big deal for me. Sometimes spell check is not always the best thing and I get the wrong word.

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  1. You do a great job of your blog- I always enjoy visiting and reading about the great variety of projects that you take on and share with your readers.
    I am sure your participants are going to have a great time in your Saturday class.