Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Scrappy Saturday Green #1

Today is Happy Scrappy Saturday over at Soscrappy. Follow the link and see what the other ladies have started in Green ( not many when I posted). I have so many Green scraps it will be a very busy month of sewing scraps. I found out last weekend what colour was next by checking out This Post that was made at the beginning of the year. Looks like she is updating the colour each month.

I have sorted out my lime green scraps separate form the darker green scraps because I like lime. In my eyes it is another whole colour. I got two more blocks done for a scrappy quilt. I started this in Nov when I found Soscrappy. It was This Quilt, I want to make one kind of like it. As I started in Nov and Dec's colour was green (and Red) I had two done before. Now I have four green blocks done. This quilt now has eight blocks done.

Note the horse in the above block. I like horses and fussy pieced that in.

They are a little different from each other.

I have changed how I sort my scraps and thought I would share this with you.  The old way I had boxes like this. Left over from a project or two or three all dumped together. Some big, some small and any colour and some parts sewn but left over. With the Rainbow Scrap Challenge I wanted to change it.

I have two types of scraps. My small yardage or fat quarters that are more then half gone go in a laundry basket. They are some what sorted by colour and I will leave then in the basket of now. My small scraps, smaller then 6" wide but can be a long strip, needed help sorting out.

Old way I had a 2" strip box, 1 1/2" strip box, A bag in here with 1 3/4", a box for 1". I never got around to digging much out. There was never any colour sorting. Some pieces of fabric never fit in to one of the boxes.

Here is a box with triangles sorted the old way. All the small ones are from the joining of Binding and tend to be the same size. Some larger ones. I did many years ago make a whole quilt out of Triangles. It was even Rainbow like.

Back in Dec, I thought I want to sort by colour more. So slowly I have made boxes like this one. Green in one big pile. It is still a mess but I have found I like to go to it for the Rainbow Challenge. I have a blue, pink, red, and purple box.

Here is Orange, Yellow and Brown (with some pink that should be moved out) that is mostly sorted. They are in one box together and it is more or less sorted. Larger chucks on bottom (+3" wide) then wide strips to 2" strips, 1 1/2" then little squares and triangles on top. So far not to bad. But I had to sort that bigger Green box to start off the month of green.

Here it is all sorted out in the ironing board. I have piles of the different strip widths. I tend to think some are > then 2", 2", 1 1/2", then smaller then 1 1/2". In the back row there is small triangles and larger triangles. Then chucks that are +3" on one or both sides. I have a ton of 3" squares left from some past project. I may have to use them this month. There is also smaller blocks and rectangles. I did finish up my blocks today and get this all back in the one box. I will have to lay out the piles to use it again but it should work.

Not pictured is also some sewn strip set ends in all green. Not sure how to handle the half sewn stuff. Even worse is the end of strip sets with many colours. What to do with them all. While I did once make This Journal Cover. I had done some Poverty Piecing Here. But I never know how to store these bits until it is time to use them. Maybe just another box of sorted chaos.


  1. Your blocks look good - love the improvisational piecing! I am also a fan of lime green, but left it out of my February blocks. Maybe I'll have to do something with just lime. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your blocks! I really need to get all my smaller scraps organized too. One of my goals this year is to use a lot more of the smaller bits and make quilts from crumb blocks.

  3. Thanks for sharing your sorting, Cathy. I too am sorting now that my Orca Bay top is finished. I've had my scraps in jumbles. Taking them out to sort and iron has lead to unearthing everything from whole pieces to tiny triangles that will likely go into a fused project (or 2 or 6). I have some that would work perfectly for 'Poverty Piecing', too. Great ideas -- thanks for passing them along!

  4. Love those blocks - both the lime and green. I saw the horse right off as we live in horse country now and I see them daily. Great sorting system... mine are all in a big bin again. I sorted last year but they all got dumped together when I moved last fall. I really need to find time to sort them again.... or con my toddlers into doing it for me!

  5. I like what you are doing with your scraps - you've got way way more than me. Good choice of separating your limes from the other greens as it's given you 'two' colours instead of one.

  6. I like your green blocks. Your lime green is so different than the other green blocks, wow. I like them both but I love the lime green ones. I had my stash sorted at one time but I've been lazy and thrown scraps into my strips too. Now that I've started the Rainbow challenge, I'm thinking of different ways to sort too. I have my fat quarters all in their color families and it takes up alot of room. I'll have to think on this awhile before I decide what to do. I'm enjoying the rainbow challenge alot and every week I see other blocks I want to make!

  7. me han gustado tus ideas de verdes...un abrazo

  8. I love your blocks! Can't wait to see your scrappy quilt. I just love scrappy quilts. I am a new follower. :o) Nice to *meet* you.