Friday, April 13, 2012

White Scarf

I got another scarf done after I lost my pretty Turquoise scarf. This one is a white scarf and will go with my new White Hat I made in March.  I have left the locks so that it show on this scarf. It has so much texture. I know why am I making felted hats and scarf and winter is over. Well I live the in Canada were it can snow almost any month of the year. This week the wind was so cold I put my hat on for feeding the horses in the morning.  Then in the afternoon I only needed a very light coat. It is raining hard here but at least it is not snowing like it is in Calgary or should I say no snow yet.

I have added this to Crazy Mom Quilts and Can I Get Whoop Whoop at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

Have a good weekend. Think of me and the bunch of kids coming over for the big birthday party sleepover.


  1. Some of my favorite articles of clothing are soft, fluffy scarves my mom has made for me. I live in South Florida now but I still wear them in the winter sometimes and if I am ever having a bad day, I put one on. Some people eat "comfort foods" but I wear "comfort scarves." Yours is really beautiful!

  2. Love the scarf! I remember being all bundled up in turtleneck and sweatshirt in June and still having to cover up with a quilt to keep warm! That was Vermont for you! Stay warm and good luck with the sleepover.

  3. That's a cool scarf. Hope you get a little rest during the sleepover. Have fun.

  4. LOST your turquoise scarf. What a pity. Perhaps it is colourful enough to show up somewhere!! The white one looks plenty cozy though.