Thursday, May 17, 2012

Arley's RRCB Machine Quilted

I have finished long arm quilting my Aunt Arley's Roll Roll Cotton Boll quilt. It was the mystery quilt that Bonnie Hunter had started back in November of 2010. My Aunt has done the last three of Bonnie's mystery quilts. I think this pattern is expected to be in Bonnie's new book that is due out this July if you want the pattern.  If you have not found Bonnie's web site go to and check out some of her free patterns - I did my Star Struck from her web site.

The layout of the blocks, but the quilting dose not show yet. I believe this is to be my auntie's new summer quilt. She normally does her own quilting but this one is too big for her smaller quilt frame. I wanted to be sure the quilting I did was something she would not normally do herself. Make it different and special.

I took some extra time and made a good plan as to how I should quilt this quilt. I have three pages of small drawings about what I could do. I just loved this feather work I did. I have left this photo in a large formate you can double click and see the photo larger.

This photo is also in a larger formate and you can double to click to see the quilting more. I did mostly the curve echoing with other little loops and spirals.

I have started my own RRCB quilt. Here on the ironing board is some more of the string blocks I am sewing on the old phone book pages and a small group of the 600 half square triangles I need.

I had a correct guess on Saturday and yes I have started RRCB. I had printed the instructions last winter after I saw my aunt's quilt on here blog. I had changed some of the colours, so as I get to them I will show you my steps.


  1. Love this quilt! 600 x 2" (finished) hst's...guess I had better get started. Your Aunt Arley's quilt is amazing, made even more so by your wonderful attention to detail in the quilting...those feathers are great. Thanks for showing it at quild last night.

  2. It looks fabulous Cathy, thanks. I can't wait to see it person next week as pictures never do it justice. I still haven't got the binding on my string quilt you did but hopefully after this break life will be back to normal with time to sew.