Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Scrappy Saturday - Last Yellow

Yellow Fruit Basket block

Today it the last Saturday of May. I have been working on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2012 and linked  to Soscrappy. I was trying to decide what else I could make with my scraps. I also have seen many blocks from the Farmer's Wife and the Sew a Long over at Barrister's Block, I have jumped in too. I see Bonnie Hunter is doing these blocks for her Jubilee Quilt. My friend Kathy S is working on this too, but not in a rainbow fashion.

Yellow Big Dipper

I know I am way behind on the blocks as they got started back in February. But this way I can just do what blocks I want when I want. I do not know if I will do them all but I will have a cute little stack of blocks. These blocks will finish up to 6 inches square.

Basket Weave in Orange and Yellow 
 I have done this one with both yellow and orange and the background cream. I think if I use a colour next on the colour wheel it will be easier to put this together. I am also going to use white and cream for background colours. I will have to go back and do some of the colours we did earlier this year.

Battlegrounds in Red and white background.
 Red was our colour for January.

The first four blocks for now. These blocks are from Farmer's wife but I am a Forester's wife and may have to rename it.

I have sorted my box of pre sewn triangles. Many have white or cream with them and so they can be used in these blocks. many are 2 half inches but some were 2 inches or larger. I thought it was a good place to start. I was able to Red Battlegrounds block with every triangle coming from here.

Lex the dog and I have an Agility Trial on Sunday. Wish us luck. Sounds like we will get good weather for it sunny but not to hot.


  1. Your yellow blocks look so fresh, and I'm impressed with your stash of triangles, very organized.

  2. Love that yellow fabric with the balls on it in your fruit basket...very fun!

  3. Great yellow basket block. What a fun idea to combine different challenges and sew alongs together.

  4. Love your blocks! All of them! Cute basket of balls :D

  5. Great idea for joining the sow along and using the rainbow colors. Very nice so far. I am way behind on mine... but figure I'll get to them whenever I get to them!