Monday, October 8, 2012

Design Wall Monday Oct 8th

Happy Holiday Monday - Thanksgivings 

My wall has some bits a pieces to the left side but what I want to show you is my third block of Grandmother's Choice. I have hand pieced the center but now need to put it on a background. I am not sure which one I should use.

I am also behind in GC. This is block 3 and I still have to do blocks 4 and 5. Maybe I can get together soon.

This is the fabric I was planning to use, but the large dots take over and the background is too powerful. This is now my least favorite of the blues.

I have a FQ of the solid blue. not bad.

The flower print was not planned for this quilt but I dug it out of the stash. It is a bit busy too.

I think I like this print the best. What do you think? I will not get it done today. Maybe Tuesday.
Taking photos and looking at them differently helps.

I have added today's post to Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday.

My husband has been repairing siding. We had hail in July and found many dozens of holes and cracks in our siding. The new pieces are different so we are using the old siding off the back side of the garage and putting the new pieces on the garage. They all look a little different. What a job. Next time it happens we may need to replace all the siding. The siding is getting brittle.

Lex the Chessy is tied up outside as his run is taken apart because of the siding.


  1. I'm with you, I like that last blue best. Some block you've got gong there, a lot of work!

  2. What a great block! I like the print you picked out for the background or the solid would look great!

  3. I like the dark blue with the smaller dots too. The darker blue helps set it off on isn't so busy. Great expression on Lex's face.

  4. I love the dots the best myself. This looks like a really hard block. You are brave....:)

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! I like the little dots best but they all work!

  6. I really like the plain blue as it gives total attention to that beautiful flower you've made. But if you're going with a print I'm with you that the blue with little dots is best. Looks great!