Saturday, October 6, 2012

Scrap Saturday - Brown

We are moving to the dark side now. Here in the north that means less sun and more snow - Winter. In Florida it means you can go outside and not be too hot. I got a little hint at the beginning of the week that brown was our colour this month.

I did not think I had much brown, but I found lots to work with. Some are plaids, some or little bits off of bindings. Some are Orange Brown and some are Green Brown. I was busy working on finishing last weeks pumpkins and I did not sew any brown yet.

I found this block in my brown scraps. I think is was a block I made for a class demo some 15 years ago. Before Children.

This Block, I made last November when I joined up The Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2012. It was the start of lots of Rainbow creations. I will do a second brown block for this quilt.

I will have to link up late on Saturday with Soscrappy, I am out the door early today. Mr Lex and I are going to an Agility Trial again today. I am to wear crazy pants but I do not have any.
Late day Edit. Lex and I passed two of four classes today in Agility. Very pleased with my boy. One of our classes was a steeplechase that is a Master type class.  It was the first time we passed that type of class. Lex and I are resting now.


  1. Love your little brown pinwheels. And the border? Ahhhhh. . . it's great! Can't wait to see more of these. I thought this was a mini quilt... but it is a block? Wow!

  2. Glad you passed your classes. The browns in your block are beautiful I am liking brown more and more.

  3. Very pretty blocks. Congrats on your agility testing!

  4. Congrats on the testing. Love your stack of browns and that block from last year is awesome.