Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pink Diamonds

I have taken some photos of my customers quilt again. I forget sometimes. This quilt was made by Sandra. She wanted some kind of special little quilting on the pink diamond and wanted a thread that would show up. I drew out a flower and spirals and she liked that. I thought it turned out great, and best of all she loved it.  I did leaves and loops over the rest of the quilt. Sandra called this quilt Sleeping Beauty. 

Here is a larger photo of it hanging on the rails of the machine. 

Two of the sides have this cute boarder. I just love it. It is made up of half square triangles. I took the photo so I can use this idea on one of my quilts someday.

I have been very busy machine quilting as the Christmas rush is on (and a few for Weddings).

Happy Halloween

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  1. Nicely done, Cathy! And in some of my favourite colours, too! (grin)