Thursday, May 8, 2014

David's Green Quilt

I was asked to do the machine quilting on this beauty. My customer David has brought me many quilts over the years. They are always bright and fun to work on. I love Lime Green so this was fun to work on. 

The quilt is going to Quebec and David wanted the center be quilted with some special stitches. So this is what we did. It was a quilt that I did the parts I knew and then let the quilt tell me how I should do the next part. I thought Lime green thread will show off more. So I stated with the main images. Then I still wanted it to show and changed thread to cream, and did the little bubbles fill in quilting. I did not plan it use cream but it was what was needed. David is so good to let me decide these things. He loved  the quilting, Happy Customer makes me happy. 

Here is a detail photo of the outer boarders. I love how the lime green thread shows off on the white and not so much on the other fabrics. 

Just  note to the other customers out there. I have not been too busy this spring. I am booking quilts for June and can book in your quilts for later this summer too. I had that little panic that I may have to do some other kind of work. I said this one of my customers and she called her friends, They have brought me 4 quilts this week. So cool. If you hate to wait for your quilts this is the time of year to get them in. THANK YOU my customers I love my work.


  1. Beautiful quilting job Cathy! I love the middle - it just screams Quebec to me! Thanks for the big smile and a reminder of home (or very close to it on the other side of the border).

  2. WOW!! that border is COOL!! looks really great. actually the whole quilt is great. love the colours too.